Water cleaning solutions for heavy metals removal

We suggest the nanotechnology based solution for cleaning your water from toxic heavy metals – Hg, Pb, Cd, Cr etc.


  • Waste/discharge water in the manufacture;
  • Communal water complex cleaning facilities;
  • Companies providing bottled water for drinking;
  • Potable water for domestic use;



Our technology is based on recent invention made by the group of scientists in Sweden (Linköping University) and approbated in Portugal at International Nanotechnology Laboratory in Braga (INL).


Novel nanomaterial – called functionalized graphene oxide (fGO – patent pending) – has been developed, which has great affinity to the heavy metals ions in the water sogo-bildlutions.

Using it, all the dangerous and toxic heavy metal pollutants, that are present in the water can be filtered and removed away. Our invention is therefore a filtering module containing fGO, which allows to trap 95% of the HMs available in water.


BENEFITS for Customers:

  • Low cost: the cost of water for our customers is 4 times lower then cleaned by other technologies.
  • Time efficient: we design filtering system system for your needs in waters flow and volume, for fastest cleaning.
  • No electricity is needed: water flows naturally through the mesh of material and the contaminants are accumulated by the filter.
  • No water is wasted: unlike in the technology of reverse osmosis (RO) membrane, where only part of the water is cleaned, in our approach ALL the water is used, not even a drop is wasted.

The modular design of our filtering units allows construct the systems of any capacity, for any water contamination levels and any volumes of water to be cleaned.


For the customers:

If you are industrial facility that have a need in cleaning the discharge or potable water, we propose you the following sevice:

  • Analysis of heavy metals content (Hg, Pb, Cd, Cr and others) in your water;
  • Design of the filtering system for your need, that will allow you reduce heavy metal concentrations to the levels recommended by WHO for drinking or discharge water regulated concentrations.
  • Direct installation or On-line consultancy of the HMs filtering system on your facility;
  • System maintenance and replacement of the filtering modules upon necessity;
  • Recycling of the used filtering modules via environmentally friendly way;

For the partners:

If you are a company, providing complex water cleaning solutions, we propose:

  • Analysis of heavy metals content (Hg, Pb, Cd, Cr and others) in your clients water;
  • Calculation and Design of the HMs filtering modular system upon your customer’s needs;
  • Design of HMs removing filtering modules as a customized component for your systems;
  • Fabrication of HMs filtering module/unit for your system;
  • Replacement and recycling of used HMs filtering modules via environmentally friendly way;




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